SEO Trends that will Rule the Roost for the Rest of 2018

Google, the mighty search engine, is very busy tweaking its algorithms that affect a website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. As we have crossed half of 2014, it’s time to pause and see the SEO trends that will continue to rule the rest of the year. Every SEO Company in Delhi NCR should take note of the below mentioned trends for modifying its strategies. Let’s get started…

Google’s authorship is growing, and it will soon become ubiquitous  

More and more businesses, nowadays, understand the importance of Google’s Authorship. Google confirmed that it uses Author Rank to rank in-depth articles. After such confirmation, many online businesses are taking Authorship Ranks a wee bit seriously.

In the end of 2017, we saw Google dramatically reducing authorship snippets by nearly 15 percent. The effort was done by the powerful search engine to enhance click-through rates only on sites having the best content. Due to the trend, the search engine results for articles/blogs are accompanied by author information. Nevertheless, a few results are displayed with only bylines and not the entire authorship info. The trend helps take the competition among authors to offer high-quality content to the next level.

The speculation is strong that if authors don’t build Google authorship, then their contents will no longer rank on pages. So, it’s time for search engine optimizers and content writers to pull up their socks and start working.

Focus is moving toward social media 

Most big brands now want to have a strong social presence. The platform of social media is easy to use as well as access.  Thus, online businesses find the platform the best way to disseminate content as well as get traffic referrals. Many top SEO companies in Delhi NCR are already using the platform for their benefits.

As per a research that’s done by Shareaholic, Facebook is one of the most favorable social media tools that can help in getting strong traffic referrals.  In March 2014, Facebook, alone, was credited to get 21.25 percent of traffic that sites receive. Second to Facebook was Pinterest that channelized up to 7 percent of traffic that websites receive. Twitter lagged behind by having the capacity to channelize only one percent of traffic.

Content marketing has become the buzzword in place of SEO 

The term SEO can’t yield results alone… while content marketing is all the rage. The two terms, however, are different in many ways. Most marketers as well as business owners focus on blending the two fields i.e. SEO and content marketing. SEO, nowadays, is about extensive keyword research. Long-tail keywords are the main focus of both SEO and content strategies.

However, it’s evident that the days for targeting a specific keyword and putting efforts to make it number one are long gone. Content marketers, on the other hand, work assiduously to help create/curate content designed around long-tail keywords.

All the above-mentioned trends of Search Engine Optimization are here to stay. Businesses, irrespective of their nature, should guide their SEO teams to focus on the trends for gaining a desirable rank upon search engine pages.

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