Does a College or University need a Website?

Let us put the answer to the above question in the simplest manner: Yes, educational institutes do need a website, especially in the present-day world. The contemporary world is characterized by immense use of technology (chiefly the Web).

A college or university website provides proper, methodical information to visitors about the institute and the impending events. Such type of information is very easy to access and read too. Information on a college or university website has to be very simple to read. Such simplicity in terms of a site’s design and content is inevitable as in the present-day world as who has the time to decode hidden meanings.

Websites are beautified information systems

If properly constructed, websites are information systems. And if constructed aesthetically as well as properly, then such sites become a decorated information system. A website is meant to:-

  • Be visually attractive
  • Be used without hassles
  • Properly structure the information
  • Let the structured information offer insights and knowledge

If a website cannot do either of the following tasks, then it is downright worthless. The tasks are:-

  • A crack educational website always makes information to be insightful, helpful and worthwhile.
  • Such a site makes information easily accessible in the shortest turnaround.

Who visit such type of sites?

Visitants are very important for any website, be it e-commerce or educational. The visitors are traffic for which a site is designed and built from ground up. The entire exercise of building sites can be futile if no visitors are there to visit. Hence, the list of targeted visitors for an educational site consists of:-

  • Students (existing as well as potential)
  • Teachers
  • Stakeholders
  • Parents of students (both existing and potential)

The primary goals performed by an educational site

Such type of sites is built for meeting the following key goals:-

  • Such a site introduces visitants to the virtual face of college or university. In general, the site should have information related to an educational institute’s vision, mission, character, etc.
  • Sites, by and large, always prod students and staff to work and make a positive impression on its global audiences.
  • Further, a site can also offer a standalone place to provide visitors a look at the curricula of the offered courses.

Is Flash still acceptable?

Often, Flash is dreaded by many Webmasters. It is because a website designed upon Flash has long loading time. Nevertheless, Flash gifts a website interactivity that is second to none. Therefore, if high-quality interactivity is sought for within a site, then Flash is the go-to technology. And interactivity is something that makes an educational institute’s website stand apart from the rest. At present, you can find many webmasters offering flash website design in Noida or other parts of the World.

A couple of Web development companies have carved a niche in offering dedicated flash website design services for educational institutes onlyThe management of an educational institute must touch base if interested in using dedicated services and high-quality expertise.

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