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SNES or Super Nintendo Entertainment System sold highly during 1990. It was released on November 21 1990 by Nintendo in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa. Super Famicom is the another name used for it in Japan and in South Korea, it is called as Super Comboy. Indubitably saying, there was a big craze for SNES games during 90’s. Connecting console to tv and playing Mario games was some of the best days of your life isn’t it? It will be amazing to play that games on your android device, sounds great right? If you want to refresh your childhood memories then use SNES emulators that are available on playstore. Hopefully it will bring back your old days.

There are various and ample SNES emulators available for all the major platforms like Android, windows, Mac and Linux. Below we have provided the best SNES emulators list for your convenience. You can install them to enjoy playing old Nintendo SNES games.


It was one of the first project that supported broad range of SNES games. In a short period of time, it became one of the popular SNES emulator. It has a medium level user interface and there is a lack of mouse support. Apart from that, this emulator has all the basic features. It is available for Windows and Linux users. The best thing about ZNES is that it is light, fast and works quite well with most of the systems.

John SNES Lite

It is one of the best emulator for Android users. However, this doesn’t work if you don’t have your own game files. It is featured with virtual on-screen keypad, customizable keys, turbo buttons and bluetooth/MOGA controller support. It offers smoother sound and Dropbox support with John DataSync. If you wish to make it ad free then you have to purchase John SNES.


BSNES emulates SNES games on your PC without any hassle. It is capable to emulate multiple gaming consoles including Famicom(NES), Super Famicom (SNES), and even Game Boy and Game Boy Advance. It provides you gamepad and external game controller through joystick support. You can emulate SNES games fast and quickly. The only problem with BSNES is that it only supports .sfc SNES roms.


It would be a great choice for Windows users if you want to play SNES games easily. It offers a great experience while playing and also configuring is also simple. It is able to save game stats, comes with Controller / gamepad (Multi tap) support along with Multiplayer slots and support to multi-player gaming.


Snes9X is the best alternative to BSNES as it delivers better features and game emulation. However, it requires installation of Direct X to make it work. Direct X library requirements provides more unique and amazing features such as game Cheats support and loading of games from saves including saving game stats. Moreover, it also has external gamepad support.

SuperRetro16 Lite

It’s a perfect SNES emulator for for Android lovers. With a download of 10 million people and review of 4.0 on playstore, it is the best way for beginners. Scan your phone, easily find and play your favourite titles. Recently it got an update in March that has fix some bugs improving the app.

Snes9x EX+

It is an advanced open source SNES emulator that is based on Snes9x 1.55 and allowing you to play numerous SNES game for free. The app is 100% free and contains no ads. If you want better results out of it then it is suggested to have a 1GHz+ device. The public-domain game Bio Worm is included in this app, other ROMs must be added by you.


Worthwhile to try, this SNES emulator is completely free and allow you to play the games that were available on the Super NES console. It contains all classic features as states and multiplayer.


RetroArch is the most perfect emulators that is available for multiple systems. It is an open-source project which uses powerful development interface called Libretro. Being a multi-versatile program you will require modular programs called cores. It offers you the option to view database information about each game, scan files or directories and add them to collection of game systems.

Matsu PSX Emulator

Another Android SNES emulator that supports multiple consoles. It’s an all-in-one free emulator with no restrictions of functions. It supports PS1 (PSX), SNES, NES / FDS, GBA, GBC, WSC, PCE (TurboGrafx-16), MD / SMS / GG. In future it will support PSP, NDS, N64, DC which has been scheduled with update. One of the cons is that you have to watch annoying ads and to get rid of it, buy non-advertising plug-in in the application.

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