10 On Page SEO Techniques to Gain Website Traffic In 2018

On Page SEO Techniques

On Page SEO Technique

The technique that is used to optimize web pages of any particular website to enhance its rank in Google and other popular search engines. On the other hand building links in on page, SEO is referred as off page SEO technique. On page, optimization is a key factor for success of any website. Ten most popular on page SEO techniques were discussed below:

1 Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing means using the same keyword several times in an article that were available in website. Google search engine consider keywords stuffing as a spam. Instead of keyword stuffing usage of long tail, keywords are helpful to gain website traffic.

2 Use Optimized titles and Keywords

On page, SEO includes and consider many HTML tags to enhance SEO like title tag, Meta tags, heading tags, image tags, bold letters italic etc. Many popular search engine target these particular tags of particular website. Extract all error on your webpage using seo analyzers. Always use targeted keywords to enhance website traffic. Keywords relevant to content must be added but should be in limit. If contents of website can contains larger number of keyword, will considered spam by search engines. The recommended density of keywords usage is 2%. For more optimization keywords of website, should include targeted keywords in the first and last paragraph of contents.

3 Short and SEO Friendly URL’s

Always used smaller URL addresses that should be related with the content of website and use targeted keywords on it. Special characters like brackets, commas, and semicolon should be avoided in URL’s and keep the URL simple as much as possible.

4 Heading Tags

The contents of website must be divided into different sections and each section should be separated by heading tags. If website contains posts ant articles then it should be divided into small paragraphs. Headings should must be written in relevant heading tags that were provided by HTML. HTML provides different tags for headings like h1, h2 and h3 etc. Each tag consist of different attributes. These tags help a lot to increase page ranking.

5 Internal Linking

The term internal linking refers to add a links for relevant content of other web resource. It is very useful technique to generate website traffic. User will spend more time on website and will keep browsing the relevant links. This technique will also helpful for better pages rank on many search engines like Google. Try to use keyword as anchor text while performing the procedure of internal linking. Internal linking should must be relevant to the post so that it ensures the search engines that website will contains some extra useful information beyond.

6 Images SEO

Images plays a vital role to grasp the attention of website user. If the visual effect of contents of websites are attractive then it will be more security that this visual appealing will generate more web traffic. To perform SEO techniques to images of website then the image should be consist of appropriate description and alt texts. Always use compressed images because images with larger size will require more memory and due to this, the speed of particular webpage will suffer.

7 Meta description

Google search engine showed Meta description as a part of website in searched result pages. Writing a good metadata description will help a lot to increase the numbers of clicks of particular website even it is placed below the searched page result. Meta description should must be user-friendly that will make some sort of meaningful information and should must be related with the contents of post. Many popular search engines like Bing declare that they will overlook to Meta description of website but on the other hand, Google denied the importance of Meta description or keyword.

8 Link Website To Well Known Domains

If website should link to trusted domains that are relevant to the content of website then it will help in generating better search results on search engines. Always links blogs and articles of the website to trusted and well-known domains.

9 Crawlable and Accessible URL

Make URL of website crawlable so the contents of website can easily accessible by popular search engine like Google can easily crawl and parse it.

10 Post’s Word Count

The Posts that were posted on website must be concise and should be relevant to the topic of content. The posts that consist of large number of words usually do not perform well in search engines because they were considered as less informative than others.

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